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Eve Sonneman’s work is represented by
Nohra Haime Gallery
“Starburst: Color Photography in America

Full color book by Kevin Moore
Published by Hatje Cantz
Distributed by Distributed Art Publishers (DAP)

Also available at
MoMa Bookstore

More about this book can be found on the Cincinnati Art
Web Site
Winter 2014
COLOR RUSH, published by Aperture
Full color book with essays by Katherine A. Bussard, Associate Curator of Photography, Art Institute of
Chicago and Lisa Hostetler, McEvoy, Family Curator of Photography at Smithsonian American Art
Museum, Washington, DC.  Book available at Aperture bookstore or www.aperture.org or Rizzoli
Foundation Cartier promotes discovery by revealing young artists to the public and by unveiling the
secret side of world-renowned artists. By opening up the most diverse realms of creation and
knowledge, it stimulates creativity and discovery through its exhibitions in Paris.
Galerie Farideh Cadot will
participate in Paris Photo
At Grand Palais, Paris

November 12-16, 2014

The Galerie will exhibit Eve Sonneman's "Boat
Building" and "Anchor Diver"
and have Polaroid Sonnegrams for viewing.

Farideh Cadot Associes
Tel :   +331  42  78  08  36
Eve Sonneman: Fresson Photographs at
Foundation Cartier pour l’art Contemporain,
Paris, France

Opening October 20, 2014

To create the twenty color photographs presented in this
exhibition, Eve Sonneman used the Fresson process for the
first time. This printing technique, discovered in the 1890 by
Theodore-Henri Fresson, is based on the utilization of coal.  
Eve Sonneman was an artist-in-residence at the Cartier
Foundation, France, during the summer of 1989. In these
photographs, she portrays an American point of view of the
Parisian countryside.  These photographs are now in the
permanent collection of the Foundation Cartier pour l’art
Contemporain, 261 Boulevard Raspail, F-7501, Paris.

They were exhibited at Brooklyn Academy of Music in
October, 1989. Two years later, they were shown at Fenimore
Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York.

In May 1994, Foundation Cartier moved to Paris into the
architecture of glass and steel that had been created for it
by Jean Nouvel.
Eve Sonneman in Paris, at The 30th
Anniversary of the Cartier Foundation

(left to right) Lord William Holden, Eve
Sonneman and Marquis Bernard-Alexis de
Bourbon de Menars
photographed by Francois Goize in Vanity
Fair, French Edition